Lustré Vision

At Lustré we strive to provide exceptional residential cleaning and interior design services that cater to the unique needs of our valued customers. We pride ourselves on staying small and committed to our loyal customer base. Because we care beyond cleaning, we use nontoxic and ecofriendly products whenever possible to keep our customers and their families safe and healthy.

Cleaning is my passion...

The need for organization is rooted deeply within our genetic code. Our bodies are made of up of highly organized structures and processes, so we innately crave a certain level of order in our environment. An unorganized and un​cleanly environment can have a large impact not only on your health but on your ability to concentrate, to create, to love, and to live the life you aspire to live. Everything we do starts at home so make your home a sanctuary. I am thrilled to be the owner of Lustré where through the unique blending of functional aesthetics we create spaces that function as well as they impact the senses. I call it 

Clean By Design.

Annica Engler

Lustré Owner/Operator

We Care Beyond Cleaning.....

We use Non Toxic, all natural cleaning products whenever possible from the following brands.