Here's How it Works

​Just th​e Details.....

After you service is scheduled you will receive a text and email message requesting you to confirm your cleaning as well as a link to view your invoice the day before your scheduled cleaning. Use the link in the invoice to pay after service is completed.

Deep cleans and Moving Cleans are generally scheduled from 10am-6pm. Recurring Cleanings are scheduled for either an AM or PM slot. Arrival and departure times are a window and can vary by 30-60 minutes. Any variance longer than this and we will notify you via text message.

Need to Knows....

It is most efficient to clean when you are not home but if you prefer to be present you are welcome to do so. Access to the residence is usually arranged via a garage code or call box if apartment or condo.

You don't have to clean before we clean. Just try to ensure the floors and surfaces you want cleaned are easily accessible. If there are items on tabletops or counters we will neatly organize into a pile and clean beneath unless instructed otherwise. If you like your clutter jut let us know to lift and replace items where they were found and we will accommodate. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any areas in the home you do not want cleaned or entered.

COVID-19 Announcement 

      In response to COVID 19 Lustré Clean By Design is committed to keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy during this pandemic. We are currently following preventative safety measures and guidance set forth by the US Federal Government, Centers for disease control and other health agencies.

We are taking the following preventative measures to limit the spread and impact of COVID 19:

1. Sanitizing solution is used to wipe down light switches, doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, and other commonly touched areas

    2. Your home will be cleaned and sanitized using products that include EPA registered disinfectants effective against COVID 19 and other harmful viruses.

3. All Cleaning cloths and mop heads are switched out between homes an sanitized between usage

4. Cleaning hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizer frequently

4. Social Distancing of 6 Ft

5. Masks will be worn if we are within 6 Ft of a customer

6. Cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces

7. We stay home if we are sick

      Everyone has their own preferences, notify us ahead of time and we will accommodate any special considerations requested that make you and your family feel safe and protected.